What is BISO? BISO stands for Bilingual School Organization. It is a program offered at the elementary level which,
in addition to the regular instructional program in the English language, provides instruction in Spanish
Language Arts and content areas.
Program Objective A BISO model is designed to produce students who master listening, speaking, reading, and writing both in
English and in Spanish.
Participants At Springview Elementary all students in grades K through 5th participate in the program.
Program Description :· Two languages, English and Spanish, are employed for the purpose of instruction.
:· English speaking students are incorporated with Spanish speaking students. 
:· Both groups of students work toward the common goal of becoming bilingual and biliterate
   in a shared learning environment.
:· 60% of the instruction is in English and 40% of the instruction is in Spanish.
:· English instruction is given in Reading, Language Arts, Math, and content by the “English teacher”.
:· Spanish instruction is given in Spanish Language Arts, Math, and content by the “Spanish teacher.”
:· Self-contained classrooms may be necessary. This teacher will teach in both languages.
Program Goals :· Develop higher order thinking skills as students master both languages in a natural setting.
:· Encourage the development of language and academic skills in the second language while
   increasing the mastery of these in the first language.
:· Foster the development of bilingual, bicultural, and biliterate individuals.
:· Develop prospective secondary students and future citizens who can compete with equal opportunities
    in a bilingual and multicultural community.
:· Encourage greater interaction between members of both cultures within the school and community.
Special Activities :· Grandparent’s Day Show
:· Holiday Program 
:· Field Trips
:· Feria Olé
:· Reading Under the Stars
:· Guest storytellers, authors, speakers
:· Dramatizations and plays 
:· Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest
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